Love on first sight- for one of them at least...*g*

Loth Lorien: ^_^ ! *grabs nightmare-leg to hug it close* PURRRRRRRRRRRR
Mielahis: o_0!! ???!!! *shakes leg without success* #Ailanreanteeeeeeeeer!!!!# =_=;;;

An ancient threat, something to scare your children with. Created to strike terror in the hearts of the living.
Servants of Evil. Creatures made from Shadow and Flame. Evil down to the core of their flamy selves.
Err, did I say evil? I meant cute....Or evil? Maybe it's the same...At least with them. Judge for yourself.*g*
*snicker* So much for drawing evil creatures...When it falls into my hands even a Balrog becomes cute.*g*
Media: Pencil drawing coloured with Corel Photopaint 7