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The Ivory Tower Greetings, visitor, please feel welcome on these pages.
The Ivorytower exists for years already and has changed its looks a few times times during the years, but its purpose remained the same. You have come to a private website that is run as a little hobby and is mainly used to display my other hobbies, which are- among other things - drawing for my own pleasure and the fascinating world of model horses.

The main site, on which you currently are, hosts the original contents of the Ivorytower, such as drawings and some info about me and the Ivorytower's world. It is a little bit frozen in time, currently, as nothing new was added recently, but it is just asleep, not dead. Kind of befitting an enchanted tower, isn't it?

If you wish to read and see something up-to-date, want to catch some glimpses about my everyday life or learn about my model horse hobby, you need to go to 'Ailanreanter's Little World', there you will find my blog and links to my horsey hobby.

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