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Living ([sur-vi-ving]) with a Nightmare

Image and Mielahis © Ailanreanter

This easy-to-follow guide on how to get over the troublesome time of getting to know your newest pet, the Nightmare, shall help you to enjoy your new companion in the best way possible.
Like the other guides of this series, it doesn't claim to be complete by any means.

The guide is split in three easy stages of the getting-to-know-process- it begins from first sight and ends (provided the dear reader makes it there) with the successful living side by side for several months, even years.

This being said, the author wishes many a nice minute enjoying the new and exciting company of such an extraordinary creature and hopes that this listing might be of help.

Stage I - Elementary
This stage applies to everyone who has never had contact to demonic horse-creatures before. It gives sound advice for the beginner.

Rules for the Novice:

it is no extravagantly coloured little showhorse, but a more or less equine-looking (depending if it smiles or not) predatory fiend
that is faster and stronger than a horse, has the playing habits of a cat, is at least as clever as the average human being and is equipped
with reflexes as fast as a striking snake. Did I mention the teeth?

>GET SOMEONE WHO IMPORTS A NIGHTMARE FOR YOU - for it does not come from a friendly place

>BUY A FURNACE WORKERS DRESS- and long strong padded ovengloves and a set of long iron bars.

>KEEP IT AWAY FROM EXPLOSIVES for it is quite hot....

>BRIBE IT and you might find it negotiable

>NEVER RUN FROM IT and make no fast moves in its presence


STAGE II - Advanced
This stage shall help the 0,5% that have survived stage I to prolong their remaining lifetime a little more and also prepare the few
gifted people that will graduate to become an Expert one day.

Rules for the Advanced :

>EXPECT TO GET TRICKED BY IT AT ANY TIME, because nightmares are devious


> GIVE IT A SHORT AND "YELLABLE" NAME, you will have cause to use it often.

>MOVE INTO A NEIGHBOURHOOD that tolerates weird pets, is not likely to burn like dry paper and
where occasionally missing small pets/children will cause no scandals.


>BUY A CHEWTOY or give it a hint where it could follow such instincts

>FIND ITS WEAKNESSES AND TAKE SHAMELESS ADVANTAGE of them- it will be the only point where you actually can get the
nightmare good...

>ALWAYS KEEP IT SUPERVISED -especially around creatures that are smaller and seem weaker than it if you want to have them around longer

> LET IT HUNT and RUN AROUND a lot! The more energy it wastes thus, the more pleasant it will get at home.

>ALLOW IT TO GO HOME AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK - accompanying it is only to be suggested if you are of supernatural origin yourself.

>KEEP IT WELL FED or allow it to take care of that matter all by itself

>ALWAYS KEEP IT ENTERTAINED and give it A TASK in life- otherwise it will get bored and become very creative all by itself.

>PLAY A LOT WITH IT to make it get rid of too much energy. (ADVICE: A nightmare does not fetch sticks or play with woolballs..)

>GIVE IT THE FEELING OF BEING UNIQUE, it will greatly appreciate that

>DO NOT COO AT IT in a silly manner and call it cute- it might kill you instantly

>ALLOW IT TO PARTICIPATE IN YOUR LIFE, a nightmare is naturally living in a herd afterall.

> TRY NOT TO HUG IT too often- it might not always be able to appreciate it.


STAGE III - Expert
Congratulations ! You have already survived more than a year with your new nightmare and can't quite imagine a life without it.
There is nothing much left to learn for you, now that you have reached EXPERT-level, merely a guiding last word for the successfully
graduated reader:

because your house is still standing and you saw the new light of day.
Maybe you even hugged it and tweeted into its ear how cute it is and still live-
but that is just because the nightmare has a REASON for that, whatever it maybe.


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Text and idea © Ailanreanter

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